Programs offered:

Post therapy maintenance is considered an after care maintenance program centered around various treatment plans such as joint replacements/surgeries, stroke, gait training, functional movement, Parkinson's Disease, tendon/ligament tears, maintenance of injuries, and vestibular disorders to name a few  These programs are designed to enhance overall strength and conditioning gains in order to move better, become stronger, and reduce the risk of further injury.     

Post Cardiac Rehab Maintenance Program:
Any cardiac event requires therapy and on going diet modification to ensure optimal health.  Strength and cardiorespiratory endurance conditioning must be gained and is a major component for those who have experienced any type of cardiac event.  Health education and life style modifications are discussed and referred to often to reinforce their importance of adhering to.

Pilate Training:
Yoga and Pilates is an alternative method of body conditioning focusing entirely on the core.  Stretching and strengthen exercises for your core, also known as the "powerhouse", is a focal point and vital part of balance and strength gains.  All movement is generated from our core and it is extremely important to keep these muscles strong and supported. 

Personal Training/Semi-Private Training:
Work one-on-one or with a small group (up to 4 participants) to experience a total body strength and conditioning exercise regime designed to challenge and assist you along your journey to optimal health.

Water Aerobics:
Aquatic fitness offers a safe, comfortable, and efficient way for people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to get fit and stay fit.  Best of all, most participants burn 700 calories or more in one hour.       

Nutrition Analysis:
We will work together to develop an effective, exciting, nutritional eating plan.  Whatever the goal is based on whether it is nutrition modification for weight loss, muscle gain, or following a cardiac event, what you eat plays a major role.  Seventy (70) percent of change starts with what we eat.  You will see food differently and learn how to use it to fuel your body instead of storing it.  You will discover fat free and sugar free is not always the best choice and how healthy fats and nutrient rich foods are terrific sources for heart, brain, and overall health.    

Pre-pregnancy and Post Pregnancy:
Being a mom of 4 children I have personally experienced my body expand and contract. It is possible to regain a healthy, strong body again, or achieve this for the first time. It is crucial to yourself and your sweet one(s) to have a healthy, strong mind and body.

Group Exercise:
  • Water Aerobics:  Hydro Blast @ Veteran's Memorial Park, Dawsonville GA Swimming skills are NOT required.  Work nearly every muscle in one workout to build lean muscle tissue and burn body fat.  This setting allows individuals to participate who may be physically unable to in a traditional exercise environment.​  Burn 700 + calories in this one hour class!  Come try it out!  Drop In rate $12.        4 week session $60
  • Land Aerobics: Various teaching modality options are available in aerobic classes working together to strengthen muscle groups and banish fat away with short bursts of high intensity aerobic training circuits.  
  • F.I.T. = Functional Interval Training @ Veteran's Memorial Park, Dawsonville GA.   F.I.T. is a strength/cardio fitness class guaranteed to deliver a total body workout. A perfect alternative to the gym setting! This class combines upper and lower body exercises with core and cardio throughout to leave you burning the maximum amount of calories all day. Get ready to discover new exercises to challenge yourself using just your body weight and small weights. All exercises are provided with modifications. If you are new to exercise or an elite athlete, join F.I.T. classes to see and feel the difference.  Burn at least 400 calories in just one hour!  Try it out for $12 or join us anytime for the full 4 week session $60

For a complete listing of program prices and class availability please contact Attainable Fitness~706-429-7583